Aynslee Sneddon

Aynslee Sneddon


      Born in a small town north of Sacramento, California in 2003 and calling Calgary, Alberta home since 2010, the artist's creative journey is deeply influenced by her personal experience with neurodiversity. Growing up challenged with ADHD, dyslexia, and learning disabilities that impact her working memory, she has recently begun to consider how her unique perspective may be channeled into her art. 

      With unwavering passion, she explores a spectrum of techniques, processes, glazes, and firing temperatures that not only resonate deeply with her creative spirit but also serve as a medium for expressing the richness of neurodiversity. Her work with clay is enriched by diverse influences, enriching each piece with unique character. 

      Immersed in the alchemical world of ceramics, she uncovers the transformative power of clay's captivating language. Each piece becomes a chapter in her personal narrative, guiding her toward a harmonious fusion of technique, vision, and self-expression, essential for creating meaningful art. 

      This opportunity provides a unique opportunity to support the artist’s creative journey, resonating with her creative disposition, while celebrating the unique charms of our cherished four-legged companions, as well as yourselves! Join on this artistic crusade where creations unite functionality with the language of creative expression. 

      Instagram Account: Aynsleesart, ACSeramics  

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