As an immigrant who has led a nomadic life, I draw inspiration from personal experiences and close relationships, including my brother, partner, and close friends. In aims to explore mixed media; combining various materials such as oil paint, ceramics, watercolor, ink, alongside techniques like collaging and sculpting. My creative process is deeply rooted in intuition and trust, often demanding considerable labor, especially for larger-scale pieces. To safeguard authenticity, I meticulously curate an environment with few distractions.  

      My work is a reflection of a journey, exploring themes of movement, change, and adaptability. Through my art, I aim to connect with viewers on an emotional level, transcending boundaries and offering a genuine, heartfelt experience. In paying homage to my influences and life experiences, I present my work to the world as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and universal language of art. 

      Instagram Account: anzierfan 

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