Becxa_art is an interdisciplinary artist currently in their second year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts at Alberta University of the Arts. They are also interested in a Glass major and hoping to do a minor in Animation or Object Design. Becxa_art focuses mainly on creating exploratory, representative work, such as nature and the ever-growing world around us. They like to create art in multiples that experiment with using variations pertaining to one particular topic. For instance, when a form is maintained through several pieces, the colors will be played around with. She enjoys making physical art, but they also enjoy experimenting in digital mediums in her quest for continuous improvement. Becca particularly prides herself on creating simplistic, but functional pieces that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Alongside some of these minimalist tendencies, they also pride themself on making durable, high-quality work. Currently, she is exploring the decorative side of art and what it means to create art that belongs in a home rather than a house.

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