Ceramics by Josie

      Josie Fawckner presents handmade Christmas ornaments from stoneware ceramics and fired with love to spread the Christmas spirit. With a combination of slip, underglaze and traditional glaze, a variety of ceramic techniques are exhibited. The variations in tones, textures and hand-crafted elements offer an individuality to the designs in contrast to the mass production and bulk consumerism that major events such as Christmas opposes on society. As an international student from Australia, Josie’s experience has influenced her endeavors and inspired an interaction with the winter season and festivities in the northern hemisphere. The relationship with a pottery wheel as a tool is one that has been utilized in part of Josie’s practice as a new artist entering the world of ceramics as a medium. The use of white based clay and glazes lends to the notion of a white Christmas, one in which as an Australian Josie has never experienced.
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