Christine Huynh 

Christine Huynh 


      Christine Huynh, a Vietnamese media artist, creates works that resemble intimate conversations with herself, her inner child, and the memories she has carried throughout her life. Her art serves as a bridge between the realms of reality and imagination, existing on the delicate border between the conscious and the subconscious mind. 

      Her art possesses a unique ability to reveal and confront unresolved memories, aiding individuals in detaching from the pain that has held them back. The color palette in her works is a complex blend of bright and primary colors. Her main characters are often depicted in the background, symbolizing our inner shadows without distinct identities or separation from the world. They merely sit or stand, observing, and in doing so, they connect with the profound magic of the present moment. 

      Through this intricate interplay of the conscious and subconscious, Christine's art showcases the transformative power of creativity, unlocking the potential to heal, transform, and unearth long-buried experiences. In her work, unresolved memories resurface, finding solace and gently guiding us toward a deeper, more complete understanding of our true selves. 


      Instagram Account: @christineisheree 

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