Dominique Berger

Dominique Berger


      Hi, I am Dominique Berger!  

      I am a Canadian/American artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ever since I could hold a pencil I have been scribbling on napkins in restaurants and telling stories. This has expanded to focusing on the interactions between light and shadows, attempting to capture the whimsical solitary moments we experience in nature. Some specific examples of this are sun dogs, diamond dust, hoarfrost, and other light refractions. My goal is to bring you back into these places, whether that be through illustration, more traditional works, or motion pieces. The ever-presented challenge is finding the balance between the whimsical and the fear-inducing, with the goal of landing right somewhere in the middle. If my work makes you feel something or place yourself within the piece, then I consider that a success! 


      Instagram Account: dimmledom 

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