Jean Gole

Jean Gole


      Jean loves to create strange worlds and stranger creatures to live in them! The work is completed in primarily traditional 2D media (acrylic, watercolour, ink, linocut, etc.) as well as digitally using adobe creative suite, taking advantage of digital means to clean up and enhance the “finished” traditional piece.  

      The art is often lighthearted, colourful, and a little abstract, playing with textures and transparencies. Jean regularly works with the human form, as they find its wide physical diversity fun, and love its potential to communicate complex emotions in a simple gesture. The art frequently explores themes of nostalgia and childlike wonder, as well as nature. The uncanny or supernatural sneaks in as well, and the works often tiptoe the line between dreamy and uneasy; a combination that creates a cheeky balance. The goal is to inject a little bit of magic and unreality into everyday life, to challenge monotony. 

      Instagram Account: @jeangoledraws 

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