Jillian Louise

Jillian Louise


    My artistic practice is undefined and fluid. I am a restless artist, never sitting still to focus on one method or material for too long. I move back and forth between pieces in my studio, putting down one work-in-progress to pick up another whenever my mind and body need a change of pace. I am drawn to forms of artmaking that require repetitive actions, such as layering paper mache or embroidering thread. The meditative quality of these actions allow the piece to come together in sometimes unexpected ways, without much room for second-guessing.

    I use fantasy, humor, and the absurd to tell narrative stories that engage the viewer’s suspension of disbelief, transporting the viewer into a world that exists somewhere between fiction and reality. I achieve this through the creation of characters and creatures that are sometimes whimsical, sometimes monstrous, often both. My work aims to break up the monotony of the everyday and create moments of escape and joy in the viewer.

    instagram: @jillianlouise.art

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