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KES Imagery


    I am a forth year ceramic student at the Alberta University of the Arts. I am originally from London, Ontario, and moved to Calgary during the Pandemic. During high school, I was introduced to Ceramics and Textiles, which I am currently pursuing. Textiles taught me how to incorporate other materials into my art works, and Ceramics allowed me to discover how to view art in a three-dimensional aspect, while combining two-dimensional features, like, illustrations onto the surface design of these forms. Ceramics provides a challenge, keeping me on my toes, not to hold onto every piece, as it could break at any stage of the creating process. I focus on illustrations, whether it is designing the art piece itself or incorporating illustrations, or literally creating an illustration. My art practice grows with me, incorporating myself into every piece. I put myself into every work, physically, as I am the one creating it, as well as emotionally and mentally. It is somewhat difficult to put myself into each art piece, as I am a closed off person, however I believe artwork has a personal connection between the piece and the viewer, that what makes us like particular pieces of art. But how can the viewer have a deeper connection to the piece when the artist has put no part of themself in the piece.     

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