Len Kurosaki

Len Kurosaki


      Len Kurosaki is a Calgary based Illustrator working on comics, animation and illustrations. Currently completing the final year of his Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design with a minor in animation at the Alberta University of the Arts. He is inspired by stories that are born from the relation of places and the people that reside within it. A single anomaly or a spark of imagination is able to grow into stories and myths that get adopted into communities. The stories give life and identity to the environment and alter the way the people view and interact with the land. His work portrays the ordinary world but with a hidden mysterious twist. 

       Most works are primarily done digitally for its versatility in exploring different visual designs. The ability to integrate stylistic strengths of traditional mediums with strengths of digital compositing such as motion and sound is a point of interest. Watercolour is the second favourite of the artist. The organic nature of the water is a completely different way of expression and tactile art making that digital can not replicate. The opposites of the use of organic and inorganic mediums plays into the thematic relationship of nature and man within their work. 

      Instagram Account: @lenmenade 

      Website/Portfolio: www.lenkurosaki.com 

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