My practice revolves around the continual exploration of traditional mediums, including ink, linocut, and silkscreen. With the combination of these mediums, exploring the interplay between texture, colour, and composition to create dynamic and expressive pieces. By experimenting with these mediums, I create unexpected textures, colours, and compositions that add depth and dimension to my work. I am particularly interested in exploring the intangible, and I invite viewers to bring their own unique perspectives and interpretations to my work 

    Through my artwork, I explore creating visual representations of emotions, ideas, and experiences that are open to multiple interpretations. I am constantly searching for new ways to abstract and reinterpret the fragments of my environment, particularly the intangible. My art seeks to capture the essence of emotions and ideas in a visual form. 

    Instagram Account: leesuh.lu 

    Website/Portfolio: leesuhlu.com 

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