Lu's practice centers on creating vibrant and layered artworks that range from abstract landscapes to ethereal abstractions, embodying a range of emotional states and contradictions through color and texture. Painting should be an adventure, free from fear and inhibition, pushing past emotional and creative boundaries for the most engaging and dynamic art. Art's purpose is to reveal the extraordinary, exploring the unfamiliar and pushing past creative limits. 

      Beyond its aesthetic value, art serves as a tool for personal identity formation and self-discovery. By connecting with artworks on an emotional level, viewers integrate them into their personal histories and develop a deeper sense of self. 

      Lu's artworks invite viewers to engage in a sensory experience that transcends the everyday. Embracing the unexpected and pushing past creative limits, Lu creates art that is visually striking and emotionally resonant, inviting viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and artistic exploration. 



      Instagram: @luartscalgary

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