Made by Liv

Made by Liv


      Through her keen desire to create, the artist discovered a way to make beautiful jewelry using materials that were more accessible to her. By thrifting various pieces of silver and stainless-steel cutlery, the artist can bring a new life to the old spoons and forks to create new and beautiful rings and pendants. She started making rings while attending a visual art program in High School where she learned how to make jewelry from their grandmother's silver spoons. The artist makes rings that are size inclusive and have unique patterns and images on them. Commission works from the artist involve special orders to create jewelry from spoons or forks that once belonged to a loved one. Mementos such as these rings make great holiday gifts.  

      This artist is returning to the Show and Sale market for the second year. The artist introduces new stickers and prints this year created with rubber stamp carving methods. The designs revolve around nature themes and embrace the unique style of the stamping print medium.   

      She is currently in her second year of studies and hopes to pursue a path in the jewelry and metals program at AUArts while continuing to experiment with various areas of making such as print and ceramics. They are excited to continue to learn and grow from the opportunities that the show and sale program has to offer to artists and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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