Mell Edwards

Mell Edwards


      Mell Edwards is a Trinidadian born, Canadian interdisciplinary Artist and Graphic Designer. She uses a variety of mediums threaded with underlying design principles to explore ways of storytelling and story creation. Her work explores themes of feminine power that relate to the body, desire, good vs evil, discourse around hair as both power and ornament, and even whimsy in a non-traditional understanding of the word. Her most recent works are influenced by the folklore of her homeland, and she creates images in styles reminiscent of comics and tapestry that influence the viewer to be curious about the story behind the image. Folklore, myths, legends, these are present in everyday life in one form or another, and as such interpretation is based upon the viewer's own experience with tales from their childhood or community. In her digital works she subtly references elements that are both real and fantastical that draw on the interaction of the viewer and their imagination that creates a new story.


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