Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith

Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith


      Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith's practice explores personal anxieties related to bodily harm and health, environmental damage, and uncertainty surrounding the future, using the uncanny and macabre to address and reckon with these anxieties. They often depict unseen and unrecognizable parts of the human body or environment alongside more familiar and recognizable subjects. These depictions of organs, cells and microorganisms are used to uncover the relationship between elements that cannot be seen and the effects they have on a larger scale, exploring the tension and strangeness in this relationship. Mieke is also interested in architecture and exploring how the banal, everyday aspects of built environments can be transformed through unusual lighting and framing. 

      Mieke works primarily in drawing and print media with a focus on ink drawing and intaglio, a printmaking process that involves etching a design onto a metal plate that is then printed from. They often incorporate a high level of detail into their artwork, enjoying repetitive mark-making as a reflective, meditative process.  



      Instagram Account: @mcfus 

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