Nigora Boboev

Nigora Boboev


      The artist chose to work with the subtle uncanniness of open portals. Empty and yet enticing, open pathways of all shapes and sizes evoke the desire to see just what would happen if you walked through it. This feeling is developed in a series of photo manipulation digital prints, done in Adobe Photoshop by splicing images and shapes together to create these strange portals in real life environments. Using colour, light and shadow, the portals within this series of work take on their ominous inspiration with a bright twist of neon. The artist was inspired by modern fantasy and sci-fi stories, where it takes a leap of faith into the unknown from the protagonist for the story to unfold. Each image is made to have the viewer question their surroundings and get them to wonder one thing: "what is through the portal?" Is it the other side? Or is it a whole new world? The artist sets out to help people find their answer with the ambiguity of their art.  

      On another note, the artist chooses to work with the age-old craft of book making. In lovely floral and foiled paper covers, bright threads and blank pages; the artist has bound together a series of sketchbooks in the exposed binding style of the Coptic stitch. Ready to use by all, for notes, sketches and more, the artist wants to show off the simple yet enticing world of bookbinding. 

      Instagram Account: Potatocreations.b 

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