Pottery by Shelley

Pottery by Shelley


      The Artist began working in the ceramic medium about twenty years ago as a stress relief from the corporate world job. The Artist understood that the noise and stress of their corporate position turned off while working with clay on the potter's wheel; it was then that the Artist was hooked on pottery and began to call it ‘mind yoga.’ Ceramics/pottery became the artists' meditative, de-stressing escape from work and life stresses.   

      Over the past twenty years, the artist has attended community classes and artist workshops to develop the necessary skills to grow their passion for clay. When the pandemic happened, not only did the world change but so did the artists' life goals. That’s when they knew they needed to share this ‘Mind Yoga’ with others. The Artist worked towards an education in Ceramics, which opened the door to teaching beginner Ceramics through the local Art Gallery.  

      The artist's medium is primarily stoneware and porcelain, firing in both mid and high fire. The artist hopes others enjoy their morning beverage out of a handcrafted mug as they do; to hold and embrace another creativity is a great way to start a day.   

      Shelley is an Alberta Artist; her work can be found in the Art Gallery of St. Albert. 

      Instagram Account: pottery_by_shelley 

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