Reba Bauhuis

Reba Bauhuis


    Hi! I’m Reba, a seamstress and film costumer who’s passionate about people feeling comfortable in their clothes! Like my stuff but don’t see the size or colour you want? I take custom and made-to-order commissions through my Instagram account so please message if you’re interested in a project. 

    I’m extremely passionate about making affordable, quality clothing that is sustainably produced. I prefer to thrift and recycle fabrics so I can give textiles a new life! Clothing is so important to feeling comfortable in the way you present yourself to the world and you deserve durable, well-fitted, reasonably priced, and sustainably produced options. Fast fashion has permeated everyone’s closets because of its affordability, but I’m here to try to offer an alternative. So if you’re looking to shop locally, more sustainably, or for clothes that last longer than a few months please consider supporting me! 

     Instagram Account: @reba.costumes 

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