Rubix Mogensen is a non-binary multi-interdisciplinary artist. They have an interest in creating a variety of artworks in different mediums exploring themes of mental health, queer identity, gender expression, sexuality, and body image. Rubix’s artwork of visually stimulating, colourful, psychedelic, and kaleidoscope-like abstractions are created from the use of intricate mark-making, detailed linework, and the use of patterns. Fascinated by repetition to create a sense of controlled chaos. Rubix enjoys finding ways to create elaborate artwork that reflects their artistic expression. They use concepts and techniques of repetition, distortion, abstraction, fragmentation, and defamiliarization to explore and experiment. They find it exciting to create artwork that is full of endless possibilities.  

      They enjoy creating visually chaotic artworks that represent their internal mental landscape and allow them another way to process their emotions. Some artworks include imagery of genderless alien creatures that are used to communicate their internal monologue.  

      They have worked with materials and mediums such as embroidery, fabric creatures, mixed media, silkscreen on fabric, and detailed abstract ink drawings exploring a variety of different topics. They enjoy creating vibrant installations made from a hybrid of fabric, mosquito netting, objects, and a projector of images/video and by layering both these digital and physical elements create whimsical, interactive fabric structures for the viewer to engage with. As well as digital artworks that alter their original drawing by reinviting/reimagining the physical drawings through layering, distortion, collaging, using text, and original photography. 

      Instagram Accounts: @rubixxlife / @artbyrubixx

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