Rubix Mogensen is an interdisciplinary artist who creates visually stimulating abstractions that are colourful, psychedelic, kaleidoscope-like, and cellular in nature using intricate mark-making, detailed linework, and the mixing of patterns. Fascinated by repetition to create a sense of controlled chaos. With an interest in creating a variety of artworks in different mediums such as photography, wall installations + environments, embroidery, silkscreen fabric murals, abstract ink drawing, mixed media, digital artworks, needle felting, etc.  

    They work with themes of mental health, queer identity, gender expression, body image, sexuality, queer maximalism, queer dreamscapes, the queer body and adornment, queer spaces, and environments. They use techniques and methods of repetition, distortion, abstraction, fragmentation, defamiliarization, and layering to explore and experiment with their themes.  

    They enjoy finding ways to create elaborate artwork that reflects their artistic expression as a way to heal, build community, ease the mind, and connect with others. They enjoy creating visually chaotic pieces and vibrant detailed artworks that are full of endless possibilities and exist as transformations in motion. 

    Instagram Account: @rubixxlife 

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