Serena Williamson

Serena Williamson


      Hiya! I’m Serena, but I go under Abstractaardvark online. My practice serves as a portal to a colourful pattern filled world, full of positivity and love. Within my work I strive to illustrate nature and the community experience within it to a fun new level-often using flowers and lush foliage as a repeating motif throughout. I value the relationships between the natural and the unnatural that takes place in our imagination and am inspired by the world and nature around us, the early web and online virtual pet games, as well as illustrators such as Ikegami Yoriyuki and Tove Jansson. My practice varies and comes in many shapes and forms, as I work both traditionally with watercolour and gouache but also digitally. I strive to make believable and relatable characters within my illustrations that often find themselves in unbelievable and whimsical situations. Often, I integrate bright colours, big abstract shapes and blobs contrasted with smaller and more eloquent details within these processes. Overall, I hope to create a whimsical, joyous world throughout my practice and within everything I make! 

      Instagram Account: @abstractaardvark 


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