Tammy Eberle

Tammy Eberle


      Creating artwork brings great solace to my life. Painting bestows a harmonious setting, allowing me to become one with the moment.  

      There is a constructive collaboration with the materials I use through the investigation of their capacities. An inspiring dance takes place between my hands, the paint, and the materials, guiding my ideas and visions into conception. I enjoy the exploration of playful approaches to using acrylic and oil paint, and the sculptural applications of mixed media onto a surface. A lively result invites the viewer to move around this 2-dimensional artwork, to experience a visual voyage with a tactile surface. Minimalistic compositions illuminate the personalities of the paint and the mixed media. The study of material manipulations intrigues my creative intellect and encourages the expansion of my inventive, artistic process. 

      Influence is energized by reflections of vibrant landscapes, combined with the analysis of harmonious color relationships. My abstract paintings create an intimate relationship between color and the underlying setting. 

      Instagram Account: @temm.art 

      Website/Portfolio: tammyeberle.ca 

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