Terri Lemire-Wilson

Terri Lemire-Wilson


    Hi! I’m Terri Lemire, an illustration student in my last year at AUArts. I’m from Saskatchewan, but I live in Calgary with my husband, kiddo, and two fluffy cats. My big loves include children’s books, sketchbooking, backgammon, soup and sandwich combos, pie, painting, and animation. My most prized possessions include a mounted and framed piranha named Wesley, my collection of enormous earrings, and the ever-overflowing floor-to-ceiling bookcase that lives beside my comfy couch. As a painter, illustrator, and animator, I enjoy working on a wide variety of subject matter, but my work always comes back around to themes of memory, childhood, and humour, with an emphasis on storytelling. My painting practice of the last few years has been focused on the magic of prairie landscapes, particularly in combination with folk art and surface design influences. I’ve been exploring the prairie as a place of memory and feeling and have recently started branching into a series of surreal mountain men that reflect my time spent in Alberta. 



    Instagram Account: @cashewhoneycakes 

    Website/Portfolio: terrilemire.ca 

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