Timothy Kozlik

Timothy Kozlik


      The approach I take to my photography is in large part influenced by the natural beauty of the land that surrounds me. My work pushes the boundaries of photography into regions that few dare to venture. By drawing on my understanding of nature and the connection I have with it, it allows me to grasp a clear image of what I can create through the lens of a camera. While grounding my work so that abstraction does not overwhelm the work into obscurity. The focus of the work is to explore the unknown through the lens of nature and my own interpretation of it. Creating depictions of ‘place’ and the coexistence of people within those spaces. Doing so to create a space within artwork for self-reflection with regard to what surrounds us. I strive to create a space for the work to cause doubt about the nature of the world and explore that which is not perceivable to the naked eye. The process I use to create these works involves intentional camera movement, and neutral density filters to shoot during the day. In post-production I work by overlapping individual image layers with minor light and colour adjustments to create cohesive work. The overall aim of my work is to continually push the understanding of what is, and what can be as well as our place within that context. 


      Instagram Account: Timothy (@timothykozlik) • Instagram photos and videos 

      Website/Portfolio: Timothy Kozlik Photography (myportfolio.com) 

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