I am a two-spirit illustrator with ancestral roots in both Métis and Cree bands. I grew up in Treaty No.1 (Winnipeg, MB) and am currently residing in Treaty No.7 (Calgary, AB). I hold a degree in Illustration Design and a Minor in Printmaking from Alberta University Of The Arts. 

      My work is informed by my Indigenous heritage, my connection to the natural work and the spiritual essence of the Creator. Drawing from the traditions of Cree Woodland art and the intricate beauty of Métis beadwork, my style is a unique synthesis, enriched by my illustration skills. 

       My artistic ideals extend beyond creative expression as I am dedicated to education and advocacy, utilizing my art to illuminate the ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous communities living in a colonial society. Through my work, I aim to promote a greater understanding of these complex issues. 

      Instagram Account: WAPOSHPYII 

      Website/Portfolio: https://waposhpyii.carrd.co/ 

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