Wysteria Art

Wysteria Art


      HEY! I’m an artist that creates whimsical, silly, sometimes creepy stuff. Inspired by the super adorable as well as the super weird, I create funny little fellas to share with others.  

      Storytelling is important in my illustrations. I always aim to tell a little tale, even if it is simple and small. Currently I'm working towards a Bachelor of Design, with a major in illustration. Character designing and illustrating my stories have always been huge passions of mine! I love the opportunity to give shape to a concept or a feeling, molding them into conduits in which they can communicate to the world. I remember I’ve had the drive to tell stories this way ever since I was little, watching Saturday morning cartoons with my dad.  

      I hope you enjoy my silly guys! I always enjoy creating them. They are all well-loved and will need great homes!  

       Instagram Account: @wysteriaa_art

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