Lidded Incense Burner Bowl
Lidded Incense Burner Bowl

Lidded Incense Burner Bowl #4

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This hand-built vessel is designed for the burning of incense cones (not included). The raindrop shaped holes in the lid allow for the aroma of your chosen incense cone to flow through and release into your space. This burner has feet on the bottom to provide a sturdy, heat-proof base, along with a lid with a small knob to lift the lid. It is hand painted with a starry night sky, a perfect time to use this burner as a way to wind down your night using your favourite incense scent. To use this burner: Place your cone into the base with the point upwards, hold a flame to the cone for 5-10 seconds and blow out, then place the lid and enjoy the aroma of your incense!

H550 Clay, 2021.

2.5in x 2.5in x 3.5in