Plant Buddy
Plant Buddy

Plant Buddy

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A large part of my work is really inspired by cute aesthetics/kawaii culture. Basically, things that make people feel happy and wholesome.
This print features a Shiba Inu in an orange bandana watering a house plant. This illustration’s cute and relaxing aesthetic is meant to remind us about the calm simplicities of life and how sometimes the small things, like watering our plants, can spark joy in our day.
As one of my favourite breeds of dogs Shiba Inu’s often get featured in my work, this piece is no exception. Shiba Inu’s are a very cute breed of dog with pointed ears and a curly tail that became popular on the internet with the rise of the Doge meme. Before this infamy they were well-loved dogs in Japan known for their big personalities and independent nature.
This is a 11 x 14 inch print on matte cardstock paper.

Print of a digital piece, 2020

11in x 14in