Aila Skitcko

Aila Skitcko


      I come from a small town in northern British Columbia, which means that my work often portrays the nature I grew up with, whether that be trees, the ocean, mountains, or animals. A touch of whimsy often makes its way into my pieces, and I also like to bring a narrative element to my art due to my background in English literature. A lot of my inspiration is derived from books, poetry, film, music, and my own travels. I am eager to keep building my artistic skill set in a way that allows me to combine my love of storytelling with my love of drawing and painting. Currently, I am a second-year illustration student at AUArts and am enjoying the change of perspective that comes with living in a bigger city like Calgary. I have also been finding inspiration in the powerful Albertan landscape and big prairie skies and am looking forward to representing more of that in my upcoming work. 

      Photographer Credit for Artist Portrait: Christina Yao (Instagram: @cristinadass) 

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