Esther W

Esther W


      As an artist, I am inspired by the fluctuating feelings and emotions I experience as I go about my life. I am fascinated by the world, and as a result, love to create works of art that reflect my sense of journey and discovery- which, to me, is characterized through the act of finding something interesting and new, even if just in a different light. I am drawn to using various mediums, but focus on different styles of painting the most- I love to create art that shows intention and emotion, while portraying imagery that can be related to visually and imaginatively by all viewers. I aspire to capture the wonder and vibrancy that I wish for viewers to see through my art, and to draw attention into the creative mind in order to provide a first-hand experience in the life of a person that may, or may not, be different from the typical and accepted perception of “normal”. 

      Instagram Account: @esther.w_painting


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