The collision of these three Ps: paint, plants, and pain.


      What would be the result?


      The artist’s work brings to life one of the many answers to the question above.

       Mainly with acrylic paint on canvas, the body, nature, and a little bit of pain are all explored in varying amounts.


      Along with wanting to make ‘pretty’ art, the artist attempts to explore her own bodily experience in this world while accepting the pain that comes with that journey.


       With the body or parts of the body taking center stage, the artist gravitates towards using plants and nature as representation of the figures’ connection to the environment. Pain is presented in these paintings as a heart out of the chest, a tear in the skin, or even an arrow piercing a leg. These wounds are sometimes painted with plants interacting with them to show that where there is pain there is growth.


      The scenarios depicted in these works may not be the most pleasant, but the artist hopes the viewer can admire or even relate in some way to the figures in the paintings.


      Instagram: @Halianno

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