Joanna Mae Mones

Joanna Mae Mones


      Dreams present strange manifestations different from the mundane course of life. People wake up feeling confused, terrified or they simply cannot fully comprehend what has occurred. These mixed emotions implement a separation between having conscious control versus the illogical possibilities within an unconscious state of mind. An invisible boundary unreachable from the physical existence of humanity.

      This is her point of entry; from Joanna’s perspective, she constructs various alternative settings that examine multiple realities potentially created by dreams. By imitating nature’s organic forms to resemble the uncanny behaviour of fleeting environments, she reveals layers of memories which by chance parallels to an existence of previous unconscious conditions of daydreaming. Through her work, Joanna arranges and composes flowing elements by painting to demonstrate the movement of an otherworldly balance within forgotten, perhaps, repressed distant dreams. Spaces void of internal pressure and instead, a momentarily serene manifestation of pleasant energy to confront the relationship between comfort and fear of being in an unfamiliar location. 

      Instagram Account: @artinmae

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