Mackenzee Neithercut

Mackenzee Neithercut


      Art can be confusing. The millions of different ideas, the techniques behind them, not to mention all the time and money that can go into it. While art may seem difficult, and at times even a bit intimidating, there is so much more than meets the eye. For the artist, their works can be about everything and anything, or nothing at all. They enjoy creating a wide range of works that feature not only different styles and techniques but also different themes and feelings. You have the ones that elicit feelings of rage and dread, that capture both the intriguing and the uncanny. Then, there’s teeny tiny strawberries. It’s this sort of flip flop that the artist thoroughly enjoys, being able to explore and create what they want, not having to worry about what’s popular or what others might enjoy. To tread different waters, to experiment with different works, characters and ideas, that’s what makes art fun, that’s what makes art, art! And that’s why this artist isn’t quitting anytime soon.

      Instagram: @Rai.ell 


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