Portia Scabar – Soul Bloom Arts

Portia Scabar – Soul Bloom Arts


      Portia is an emerging artist, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass at the Alberta University of the Arts. She is an interdisciplinary artist who works with many mediums and material processes, including blown and fused glass, flameworking, cyanotype, linoleum and block printing, freeform embroidery, sewing, ceramics, and mixed media. 

      The connection between people, relationships, and memories expands across our lives, an intertwined system of roots reaching out and embracing. Portia creates abstract representations of these connections through her work by collaborating with materials rather than forcing them into certain shapes. The way that she approaches materials and artwork stems from neurodivergence, from softness and care for others; which in turn leads to a mix of soft sensory-friendly work and glass work that pushes the bounds of what glass is comfortable doing. Many of her works you will see use roots as a motif for connection, at times these will be direct visual representations and others will be more indirect speaking to the wall these connections are often hidden behind. Her functional work is created with the utmost care and of the highest standard. This production line features swirling colours dancing on glass bowls and vases and tote bags made from recycled fabrics, whether for home décor, eating, or everyday use, each piece is unlike the next in its own unique ways. Many of Portia’s works are made from recycled materials, keep an eye out for green imagery on tags to know if the item you are looking at is ecofriendly.  

      Instagram Account: @soulbloomarts 

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