Stephanie Arnot

Stephanie Arnot


    Working in clay is a natural extension of Stephanie’s enduring passion for rocks. A soft geologic deposit dug from the ground, formed by mind and hand and heated until it returns to stone. She is inspired by the textures and colours found in the earth and the way water interacts with the shore. She is boundlessly infatuated with crashing swells against boulders, tiny creature-filled tide pools, and gentle waves on the beach.  

    Stephanie strives to impart these feelings into her ceramics. Using a combination of colour, granular minerals, and handmade aggregates to imbue the sensation of sand and stone into her objects and give greater depth to the clay surface. She also applies a combination of hand sculpting techniques and glaze chemistry to add life to her pieces. 

    Creating in Glass and mixed media gives her the opportunity to explore joyful expressions of design. Collaborating with the playful properties of the materials, these works reflect light-hearted delight in fun and colour. The pieces celebrate the transformative nature of art, and the humorous pleasure that those transformations can give. 


    Instagram Account: stephaniearnotart 


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