Vanessa Jiménez

Vanessa Jiménez


      Engaged in a dynamic creative journey over the past three years, my artistic exploration spans diverse mediums and techniques, reflecting an unbound pursuit of originality. Devoid of a singular focus on social, political, or theoretical underpinnings, my work is a deliberate divergence from prevailing discourse, a sanctuary to immerse in the technical craft at hand. 

      As a versatile artist with a foundation in Fashion Design and Fibre Arts, I revel in affiliating materials and techniques to craft visually compelling contrasts, often drawing from the vibrant landscapes of my native Dominican Republic. Presently, my body of work radiates a floral thematic allure, exuding vibrant palettes and an overall uplifting demeanor. Looking ahead, my artistic trajectory is poised to pivot towards an emphasis on embroidery and garment experimentation, aiming to fortify my portfolio while exploring intricate mediums. 

      My eagerness for embroidery and an innate inclination for detail culminate in the creation of distinct, one-of-a-kind pieces. Guided by a fondness for vibrant palettes, my repertoire encompasses various textile techniques—such as weaving, natural dyes, screen printing, embroidery, and crochet. The essence of my artistic pursuit lies in crafting objects that merge artistry with utility, evoking joy in their future use. In the continuum of my practice, I aspire to integrate painting and ceramics more extensively, enriching the tapestry of my creative expression. 

      Instagram Account: @vanessajimsanc @eesomeby.v 

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