Elizaveta Suldina

Elizaveta Suldina


      To me, art has always been an essential part of life. For as long as I can remember, I have always been involved with art in some form - seeking to either experience and understand it, or attempt to make something beautiful in my own way.  

      Most often, my subject matter is nature, and as my process relies on observing the landscape around me, I constantly strive to express the beauty of the world through my pieces and capture a sense of place by depicting the fleeting impression - attempting to convey movement and life through swirling shapes and striking colours, relying both on distinct representation and the uncertainty of memory, emotion and vision. 

      Likewise, I am often inspired and influenced by a broad range of subjects, being fascinated not only by the visual arts, but also by the science of astronomy. And with the use of specialized equipment, cameras and software - I seek to capture and share the beauty of the cosmos through vivid photographs. 

      My work is frequently the result of combining various processes, methods, and influences, as I often mix traditional techniques, using ink, watercolour and gouache paint, together with photographic and digital tools, which allows me to create a unique style in each piece - through a synthesis of the classic and contemporary. 

       Instagram Account: elizaveta_suldina

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